Serial Adapter for converting RJ-45 plug (network cable) to D-Sub 9



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This is a Cable Adapter that allows a standard (straight) network cable to be used to connect to a RJ-45 RS232 communication port. Standard CAT 5 cable can be used, which makes it very easy creating a cable exactly the right length. Simply plug the one end of the network cable into the RJ-45 RS232 port of your Modtronix/Netcruzer device, and the other end into this adapter. The adapter can then be plugged into a DB-9 male connector (DTE) of a PC or similar device.

All Modtronix devices with RS232 DB-9 male connectors are DTE devices. A PC is also a DTE device. This adapter can be used to connect a Modtronix device with RJ-45 RS232 Communication port to a PC.

The ADP45D9F datasheet can be downloaded here.

This adapter is similar to the DTE Digi Serial adapter 76000697. The Digi adapter however has some additional signals for DTR, DSR and DCD. Most modern equipment do not use these signals anymore, and they are not required. Modtronix devices with RJ-45 RS232 ports don't use these signals either.

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What is included

  • 1 x Cable Adapter