18.432MHz Crystal, SMT (surface mount) crystals, 18pF, 20ppm precision



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18.432MHz surface mount crystals, 18pF load capacitance, 20ppm precision, -40 to 85 °C. 11.1mm long, 4.7mm wide and 3.9mm height.

This crystal is perfect for applications that use the USART and want a 0% BAUD rate error. For example, with this crystal the USART on the PIC chip can be configured for typical BAUD rates like 9600, 19200, 38400, 57600, 115200 and many more with 0% error!

This is a high precision, 20ppm crystal, with a wide -40 to 85 °C temperature range. Standard crystals are normally 0 to 70 °C, and 50ppm.

What is included

  • 1 x Crystal