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=== iMod pin headers, Paragraph: imod-hdrs ===

This board is delivered with two 3.0mm pin headers. They are intended for when this board is soldered onto another board.

The following are alternative pin headers that can be used for different applications. Some of the available options are 3.0mm PinsRound Swiss Pins, and Press-Fit Pins. See images below (click to enlarge):

3.0mm Pins

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These are the default 3.0mm pin headers supplied with this board (as shown in first image above). They can be used to solder the iMod module in place. The picture on the right (click to enlarge) shows an example of an iMod module soldered onto a main board.


Round Swiss Pins

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Round (Swiss) style pins can be used, as shown in second image above. Select this option to plug module into female Round (Swiss) Socket. This is very useful for prototyping! Female Round Swiss Sockets can be assembled onto the main board, as shown in picture on the right. This module is plugged into these sockets.

Typically the 6 pin female (low profile version), and 6 pin male swiss headers can be used.

We stock a range of swiss pin headers, available here.


Press-Fit pins

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Press-fit type pin headers, as shown in third image above. They can be pressed into 1.00mm holes on a 1.6mm thick (standard PCB thickness) target board. No special tool is required, they can be inserted by applying firm pressure to the connectors. Once fitted to the target board, the board is very secure, and can not be removed by hand any more. The picture on the right (click to enlarge) shows an example of an iMod module mounted onto main board via press-fit connectors.

We stock a range of press-fit pin headers, available here.


Other pin headers

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Other pin headers can also be used. Standard 3.0/6.0mm pin headers can be used to plug this module into a standard 2.54mm female header.

Another option is to assemble the iMod module upside down, as shown in the picture on the right. The 7.2mm raised pin headers have been designed to be exactly the height of the 3.5mm terminal block headers used on many of the iMod modules.

We stock a range of pin headers available here, and raised pin headers available here.



=== Pin Header types available via "Header Type" option, OR'ed line: imod-hdrtps-optn-orln ===

3.0mm Pin Headers, Round Swiss Pin or Press-Fit pins