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Left Enclosure Faceplate for ENC2015S, Blank



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Left enclosure Faceplate for ENC2015S enclosure. A left (FPAN-L2015S-xx) and right (FPAN-R2015S-xx) enclosure faceplate is required.

  • The left faceplate should be chosen to match the main board used, like the PT66ECI or PT66EI prototype board for example.
  • The right faceplate must match the SBC board used (for example, FPAN-R2015S-66EC for SBC66EC).

This faceplate is blank, and can be used with a main board that does not require any cutouts. 

The pictures below show this faceplace in use. The FPAN-L2015S-BLANK and FPAN-R2015S-66EC are positioned next to each other, and form a single faceplate for one end of the enclosure.


Shows the FPAN-L2015S-BLANK inserted, and the FPAN-R2015S-66EC in front of enclosure.

Shows the FPAN-L2015S-BLANK and FPAN-R2015S-66EC inserted.

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What is included

  • 1 x Enclosure Faceplate