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2x10 Pin Header, 5.75mm High



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2x10 Pin male header, 2.54mm, Gold plated. It has double plastic spacers with 5.75mm distance between them. This connector has been designed to enable our SBC66 range of boards to be used as daughter boards on a main board. This  connector will be assembled onto the main board, and a SBC66 board will be plugged into it. It will leave a distance of 14.3mm between the main board and SBC66 board, allowing the PCBSP-143 spacer to be used to secure both boards.

This connector enables a SBC66 board to be used as a daughter board, with the PCBSP-143 space between them. See pictures below for examples of use.

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What is included

  • 1 x 2x10 Pin Male Header