Bluetooth v2.0 module with Serial UART interface



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Important! Note "Header Type" Option above for selecting pin header! See "Pin Headers" sections below for details.

The in6BT is a 3.3V Bluetooth v2.0 slave module(breakout board). It is controlled via a standard serial port (UART). Ensure not to use RS232, but connect direct to UART pins of microcontroller(TTL voltage levels). The popular HC-06 Bluetooth module is used. It uses the BC417143(BC417) Bluetooth chip. There is a lot of information on the internet how to use the HC-06 with Arduino, Microchip PIC, Linux, Windows and many other environments.

Most software libraries only use the TX and RX pins of the HC-06 module. Default baud rate is 9600. The reset(RT) and key(KY) pins are not required, and can be left floating. The reset (RST) pin can be used to reset the module to it power on state.

This module is very simple to use. For example, if using with an Android phone, simply do the following:

  • Install a bluetooth terminal on phone. We tested it with "Bluetooth Terminal" from WinGoodHar.
  • On phone, scan for bluetooth device. Password is "1234".
  • Once connected, everything sent from bluetooth terminal on phone is outputted on "RX" pin of module. Everything sent via "TX" pin of module is displayed in bluetooth terminal of phone.
  • For details, see this article from Seeed, it uses a similar Bluetooth module.

Some other useful information is available online here:

On board solder jumpers are located on the bottom of the board for an alternative version of this board assembled with the HC-05 Bluetooth module. They are both open (not soldered) for this version.

This board is part of our iMod product range, and can very easily be added to any of our products that have iMod ports.

Top View

Bottom View

Schematics (pdf format)

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The im6BT has two rows of standard 2.54mm (0.1") pin headers. The rows are 0.7" apart, allowing this module to be mounted on a breadboard or standard 0.1" grid prototype board. The picture to the right shows some iMod modules mounted on a standard prototype board.

The pin headers supplied or soldered to this board are selected in the "Header Type" option at the top of this page.



  • Built-in CSR company Bluetooth chip BC417143
  • Bluetooth® Technology v2.0 + EDR
  • TTL data transparent transfer between a host Bluetooth device
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth adapters that support SPP
  • Coverage up to 30 ft / 10 m
  • Built in antenna
  • Power input: +3.3VDC (bluetooth module)
  • Can set the module control parameters and control commands via AT commands
  • The maximum serial baud rate: 1382400 bps, support for hardware flow control transfer
  • Connection/non-connection status indicators via red LED
  • Interfaces Directly with Microcontrollers with 3.3V I/O
  • Pin Header connectors(if selected in options above) are gold plated for best possible contact
  • Module dimension: 27.0mm x 22.2mm (1.06" x 0.875")
  • RoHS Compliant

Pin Headers


Code Examples


There are many free libraries available for Arduino using the HC-06 Bluetooth module.

The following very simple mbed program will simply echo all characters received from a bluetooth terminal(running on an Adroid phone for example).

#include "mbed.h"

This is a very simple example, using an mbed board (tested in FRDM-KL25Z) and a Modtronix
in6BT Bluetooth module. The in6BT module is connected to the TX and RX pins of the mobed board.

The UART TX and RX pins of the in6BT module will override the virtual serial port of the mbed
board (virtual serial port is connected to Microcontroller UART via resistors). This means
that anything received via Bluetooth will be received in mbed app AND sent on virual serial port.

Tested it on Android phone with "Bluetooth Terminal" from WinGoodHar.
- Power mbed board with SHD3I and in6BT module
- On phone, scan for bluetooth device. Password is "1234"
- Sart "Bluetooth Terminal". Sending a character, you will receivea message "Received x", where
  x is the character you sent.

Serial HC06(USBTX, USBRX);
//DigitalOut key(A0);
int main() {
    //key = 1;
    HC06.printf("Message from in6BT!\n");
    while (1) {
        char c = HC06.getc();
        HC06.printf("Received %c\n", c);



  Web PDF Data
in6BT Datasheet and Schematics    

Order Code

The following codes can be used to order this module with pin headers. See the "Pin Headers" section above for details:

  • -h3l - Two loose 3.0mm Pin Headers are supplied with the board.
  • -h3 - Two 3.0mm Pin Headers are soldered onto the board.
  • -h6 - Two 6.0mm Pin Headers are soldered onto the board.
  • -sw - Two Round Swiss Pin Headers are soldered onto the board.
  • -pf - Two Press-Fit Headers are soldered onto the board.

For example, to order this board with press-fit headers assembled, use the following code:


What is included

  • 1 x iMod module, fully assembled, with pin headers (if selected in options above).