4 Input, 2 Relay Frontend expansion board



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For more details and documentation, see product page on old site.

The IOR44 is a Frontend Board that can be connected to any of our MicroX Main Boards (Single Board Computers) to add Analog/Digital and Relay I/O functionality to it.

The following I/O ports are made available via a 3.81mm 10 pin terminal block connector (Phoenix connector).

  • 4 Analog/Digital inputs
  • 2 Relay outputs, rated at 2A at 30VDC or 1A at 125VDC

When connected to a MicroX Main Board (SBC), it can provide the SBC with power by supplying power to the terminal block pins 9 and 10. Note, when doing this no power should be applied to the SBC!

Frontend connector pin B6 (Usually routed to PIC port pin RB6) is connected to a red LED.

The TB10FS381 Female 10 pin 3.81mm Terminal Block, Screw Type connector fits onto this boards 10 pin connector.

This product has been retired! Available as long as stock lasts. Do not use for new designs!

What is included

  • 1 x IOR44-42 Frontend Board, fully assembled.
  • 1 x 1 x 10Pin 3.81mm Terminal Block Plug (TB010P-F381-R4)