NZ32-ST1L Revision 1, with STM32L151RC



10 days


DO NOT USE FOR NEW DESINGS! Use the new NZ32-SC151 in stead!

For detailed documentation, see this product's Wik page.

Use the NZ32-SC151 for new designs. It replaces this board. It is very similar, but has improved pinouts used for programming. All future NZ32 boards will be based on pin-outs of the new NZ32-SC151 board.

This small board is designed for very low power applications. It is assembled with a STM32L151RC Microcontroller. It has an on board battery charger for a 3.7V Li-Ion or Li-Polymer battery. System 3.3V is generated via an on board 3.3V regulator with very low current consumption. This regulator provides 3.3V at 800mA which is available for any custom circuitry.

This board has 3 iMod port for adding Modtronix iMod modules. A common use for this module is to add a LoRa SX1276/SX1278 Wireless iMod module for battery powered, low power wireless applications.

Board can be powered via USB connector, external battery(plugged into JST PH 2.0mm connector) or external 5V provided via pin headers. If higher voltage is required, the pm35SS-5 iMod module can be added, allowing up to 28V supply. This can for example be connected to solar panels to power and charge the battery.

We are in the process of adding this board to available platforms on This will enable online programming using the free mbed compiler. Additionally online projects can be exported an built on local computer using free IDE(CoIDE) and free GNU GCC ARM C/C++ compiler.


  • STM32L151RC Ultra low power CPU, optimized for low power applications (compatible with other STM32L151 and STM32L152 chips).
  • 256K Flash, 32K RAM, 8K EEPROM.
  • 3 x UART/USART ports, 2 x I2C ports, 3 x SPI ports.
  • 1 x Micro B USB Port.
  • Reset and Boot button.
  • 2 LEDs, one for indicating when battery is charging, and a user LED.
  • Firmware upgradable via USB port. If boot butter is pressed at power up(reset), board goes into bootloader mode.
  • Very low power 5V to 3.3V switch mode regulator with 16uA operating, and 0.01uA standby current.
  • Switch mode can be disabled by CPU, resulting in 0.01uA current, which is sufficient to run CPU for minutes in low power mode (run from power stored in Capacitors).
  • On board 3.7V LiPo (lithium polymer) or Li-Ion(Lithium-Ion) battery charger, and standard 2.0mm JST PH connector (many LiPo batteries have this connector). LED indicates when battery is charged. Can be charged from USB or 5V pin headers.
  • Hardware for monitoring input and battery voltage.
  • Additional regulator output capacitors to allow board to run for longer when switch mode is in standby mode (ultra low power 0.01uA operation).

Additional Information

For additional information, see this product's Wik page.

In Box

1 x Board as shown in main product picture.