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Important! Note "Header Type" and "Power Connector" Options above for selecting pin header and power connector! See "Pin Headers" and "Order Code" sections below for details.

The pm5L is a Linear Regulator power supply module(breakout board). It converts an input from 6.6V to 18V to a 5V output. It has a maximum output current of 1A, and power dissipation of about 2.75W. It contains a diode for polarity protection (3A, very low forward voltage diode).

Standard 2.54mm (0.1") pin headers are used. The pin header rows on either side of the module are spaced 0.7" apart, allowing the module to be used with standard breadboard or prototyping board.

The popular ZLDO1117 regulator chip is used. The 1117 regulator is manufactured by many different manufacturers, but the ZLDO1117 from Diodes Incorporated has a higher input voltage than the variants from most other companies.

A total of 6 capacitors (3 input and 3 output) are used to ensure a very smooth, high quality output voltage! Most standard regulators only use 2 capacitors. This superior design makes this regulator suitable for low noise applications like analog and RF circuits. A mixture of Ceramic and Aluminim capacitors with total value of 57.1uF are used for the output capacitors. A mixture of Ceramic and Aluminim capacitors ensures lower output noise! The voltage rating of all capacitors used are at least twice the required voltage, ensuring long capacitor life!

To use this module, simply provide a supply voltage of up to 18V on the "+" and "-" terminals of the power connector. The regulated output will be available on the "0V and "5V" pins. The polarity(diode) protected supply voltage is available on the "0V" and "Vx" pins (about 0.2 to 0.4V less than supply voltage).

Ensure not to exceed the 2.75W power rating of this module! The power usage is calculated:
P = (Vin - 5) * Iout
Where Vin = Input supply voltage, and Iout = Output current.
For example, if the supply voltage is 9.0V, the maximum output current is:
Iout = P/(Vin-5) = 2.75/(9-5) = 2.75/4 = 0.69A

If the maximum power is exceeded, the module will not be damaged, seeing that the current or thermal protection will be activated, with will temporarily disable the module.

This module is designed and manufactured by Modtronix! Only high quality components from reputable suppliers are used! This is NOT a cheap module using no-name components! See "High Quality Components" section below for component details.

This board is part of our iMod product range, and can very easily be added to any of our products that have iMod ports.

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Schematics (pdf format)

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The pm5l has two rows of standard 2.54mm (0.1") pin headers. The rows are 0.7" apart, allowing this module to be mounted on a breadboard or standard 0.1" grid prototype board. The picture to the right shows some iMod modules mounted on a standard prototype board.

The pin headers supplied or soldered to this board are selected in the "Header Type" option at the top of this page.



  • 5V output
  • 1A Output Current
  • 2.75W maximum power dissipation
  • 2% tolerance over temperature, line and load variations
  • Standard 2.54mm (0.1") pin headers
  • Pin header rows spaced 0.7" apart, allowing module to be used with standard breadboard.
  • 6 Capacitor filter, ensuring a very smooth output voltage
  • A mixture of Ceramic and Aluminum output capacitors ensures lower output noise
  • Capacitor voltage rating at least twice the required voltage, ensuring long life!
  • Polarity protected supply voltage via 3A, very low Vf diode
  • Red LED for indicating when module is powered
  • Fast Transient Response
  • Output Current Limiting
  • Good Noise Rejection
  • Automatic Thermal Shutdown Protection
  • Temperature range: -40°C to +125°C
  • High quality, 3.5mm terminal block connector (if selected in options above).
  • Pin Header connectors(if selected in options above) are gold plated for best possible contact
  • Module dimension: 26.7mm x 22.2mm (1.05" x 0.875")
  • RoHS Compliant

Pin Headers


High Quality Components

This module is designed and manufactured by Modtronix! Only high quality components from reputable suppliers are used! All components have been selected to exceed the maximum rated specifications. The following components are used:

  • Regulator IC: From Diodes Incorporated or ON Semiconductors.
  • Capacitors: Capacitors are a very critical part of any electronic circuit, and often responsible for failures! We only used capacitors with much higher than required voltage rating, from reputable suppliers. Manufacturer is either AVX, Kemet, Murata, Nichicon, Panasonic, Samsung, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, Vishay or Yageo.
  • Resistors: Manufacturer is either Rohm, Panasoic, Stackpole, Panasonic or Yageo.
  • LED: A high brightness LED is used from following Manufactures: Everlight, Kingbright, Lite-On or Osram


  Web PDF Data
pm5L Datasheet and Schematics    
Datasheet for ZLDO1117 Regulator from Diodes Incorporated    

Order Code

The following order codes can be used to order this module with different terminal block options:

  • pm5L-bare - Bare, no pin header or Terminal Block assembled.
  • pm5L-p21 - With 2.1mm Barrel type power connector assembled.
  • pm5L-tbp - With pluggable, 3.5mm terminal block header (TB02P-M350-H4) assembled, and matching terminal block plug (TB02P-F350-R4) included.

The following codes can be appended to the order codes shown above to add pin headers. See the "Pin Headers" section above for details:

  • -h3l - Two loose 3.0mm Pin Headers are supplied with the board.
  • -h3 - Two 3.0mm Pin Headers are soldered onto the board.
  • -h6 - Two 6.0mm Pin Headers are soldered onto the board.
  • -sw - Two Round Swiss Pin Headers are soldered onto the board.
  • -pf - Two Press-Fit Headers are soldered onto the board.

For example, to order this board with a pluggable, 3.5mm terminal block connector, and press-fit headers assembled, use the following code:


What is included

  • 1 x iMod module, fully assembled, with pin headers and terminal block (if selected in options above).