Heatsink for Raspberry Pi, Ceramic with Self Adhesive Stick On back


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Heatsink for Raspberry Pi 3 and Raspberry Pi 2. Made from non conductive Ceramic, for superior heat distribution without the risk of short circuiting any electronics. Traditional metal heat sinks can cause a short circuit if they become loose, which often happens after being exposed to heat for a long time.

This product consists out of two heat sinks, with self adhesive backing. It does NOT included a Raspberry Pi or any other components!


  • Adhesive, stick on backing
  • 800% higher heat radiation efficiency than Copper/Aluminum heat sink
  • Perfectly matched to Raspberry PI 3 and PI 2 board
  • The heat sink body is made of 100% SIC (silicon carbide)
  • Net weight: 2.9g
  • Size of larger heat sink: 15mm * 15mm * 5.0mm
  • Size of smaller heat sink: 10mm * 10mm * 2.0mm

Data Sheet

   Porosity   20%
   Water absorption   15.77%
   Mohs' hardness   5~6 N/mm2
   Flexural strength   47.5 kgf/cm2
   Bulk density   1.95 g/cm3
   Resistance insulation   10 GΩ
   Thermal conductivity   8 w/m-k
   Maximum operating temperature   <700 °C
   Dielectric Withstanding Voltage   5 KV
   Linear thermal expansion coefficient   4.13 10¯6
   Main composition   90%↑ SiC

 Package Includes

2 x Heat Sink's with stick on backing

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