Netcruzer Firmware

The Firmware for Netcruzer boards can be updated via USB, or on boards with a Web Server, via the Web Interface. For details on updating firmware, click here.

Netcruzer Firmware

Below is a list of firmware for different Netcruzer boards contained in the Netcruzer Download. Save the required file to a location on your computer, and update the Firmware as described above. To save, right click on hex file name, and select "Save link as" (or similar).

Firmware for SBC66EC: sbc66ec_firmware.hex 

Firmware for SBC66ECL: sbc66ecl_firmware.hex 

Netcruzer Bootloader

At delivery all Netcruzer boards are programmed with a USB bootloader. This is a small program that is activated on power up if the jumper on the Netcruzer board is in the "F" position. It allows new firmware to be uploaded to the board via the "Netcruzer USB Bootloader". If for some reason this bootloader is not present on the Netcruzer board, it can be restored by downloading the appropriate hex file below for the target board, and reprogramming the board. A PIC programmer is required to program the board. After doing this, the firmware on the board can be updated via USB again.

Bootloader for SBC66EC: sbc66ec_bootloader.hex

Bootloader for SBC66ECL: sbc66ecl_bootloader.hex