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Compact SBC with USB port and PIC18F4550 - fully assembled.

The SBC44UC is an embedded (PIC based) Single Board Computer (SBC) with a full speed USB interface. It is assembled with the PIC18F4550 PIC chip from Microchip. It is programmed with the Microchip Bootloader, meaning no programmer is required to program it! It has been designed to work with the free Microchip USB Software. This includes software for developing:

  • Human Interface Device (HID) class firmware
  • Communication Device Class (CDC) firmware (virtual serial port)
  • Mass Storage Class Firmware
  • Microchip Bootloader
  • Microchip Custom Driver

The SBC44UC can be powered by the USB bus, or an external power supply. A unique relay circuit is used to select between USB or external power. This ensures that the full USB voltage is available to the SBC board and possible user applications. Seeing that the voltage supplied by the USB bus is specified between 4.75V to 5.25V, it is very important that the full voltage is obtained, seeing that many electronic components require a minimum of 4.75V. Most USB applications that support external supplies use a diode/transistor based switching mechanism, which will drop the USB voltage by about 0.6 to 1V. Using this method would mean that the user could not use standard, 4.75V electronic components for custom expansion circuits.

The SBC44EC has sockets for inserting a MCP23008 I/O expander and external EEPROM. There is space on the PCB for an external FRAM chip, like the 32k byte FM25256 for example.

The sbc44uc_boot_v100.exe self extracting file that can be downloaded below contains all source code for the bootloader firmware, and example projects. These example projects can be uploaded to the SBC44UC via the bootloader PC program that is also contained in the download.


  • 33 general purpose user programmable I/O ports
  • 13 user programmable, 10 bit Analog to Digital converters
  • 2 user programmable, 10-bit CCP units that can be used for PWM or Capture/Compare functions.
  • 1 USART
  • 1 I2C/SPI serial interface
  • 2 Comparitors
  • 1 8-bit and 3 16-bit timers
  • 32k Bytes of user programmable FLASH memory
  • 2048 Bytes of RAM memory
  • 256 Bytes of non-volotile internal EEPROM memory. Has socket for addition external EEPROM chip.
  • Has space for a 8 pin Ramtron SPI FRAM chip (32Kbyte FM25256 chip for example) to be assembled.
  • Micro Match socket with Power, I2C and SPI signals. The Micro Match connector can be used to daisy chain multiple I2C devices together, like our LCD2S Serial LCD displays with keyboard decoder.
  • Red user LED on PIC port RB6.
  • Is part of our MicroX product range, and has a Frontend and Compact Daughter board connector for expansion.
  • Compact size of 58mm x 54mm.
  • Can be powered via USB bus, or external 9V to 12V power supply (via diode protected 2.1mm power connector)
  • High quality machine assembly, with brand name, quality components:
    • All electrolytic capacitors used are extra long life Panasonic brand, which is 5 times more than standard!
    • PCB is Gold plated for best contact and no corrosion
    • All pin headers are gold plated for best possible contact
  • Has an ICSP (In Circuit Serial Programming) connector (ICPC1 type) - CPU can be programmed in circuit. For details see Programming Modtronix PIC based boards.


This board has a daughter board connector, allowing following board to be plugged into it:

  • IOR5E prototype main board, with enclosure
  • PT01TC and PT01TC-KIT prototype daughter boards
  • PT10E prototype main board, with enclosure
  • PT24E prototype main board, with enclosure

Documentation, Details, Schematics, Example Code...

Datasheet in PDF format

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  • 1 x SBC Board

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1 x Item as described above

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