Serial Cable with RJ-45 and D-Sub Connectors


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This is a 1,8m (6 Foot) Serial Cable with RJ-45 plug on one end, and D-Sub 9 pin female connector on other end.

This cable enables a Modtronix/Netcruzer device with a RJ-45 RS232 communications port to be connected to the RS232 communications port (D-Sub 9 pin male connector) of a DTE device, like a PC for example. The one end of this cable plugs into the RJ-45 port of the Modtronix/Netcruzer device, and the other end to the DTE device's Male DB-9 connector.

All Modtronix devices with RS232 DB-9 Male connectors are DTE devices. A PC is also a DTE device. This cable can be used to connect a Modtronix device with RJ-45 RS232 Communication port to a PC.

The CAB8M6FT datasheet can be downloaded here.

This cable is similar to the Moxa CBL-RJ45F9-150 cable. The Moxa cable has two extra wires, one for DSR (RJ-45 pin 1 and D-Sub pin 4), and one for DTR (RJ-45 pin 8 and D-Sub pin 6). Most modern equipment do not use the DSR and DTR signals any more, and they are not required. Modtronix devices with RJ-45 RS232 ports can use either of these two cables, and do not use the DSR and DTR signals.

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